Herning Denmark 2022

NFs Supporting Climate Compensation

Herning2022 has invited all participating National Federations to join the battle towards climate change and support the climate compensation programme that Herning2022 has initiated together with First Climate.

After working extensively to reduce the emission from the event through various initiatives, we are still left with approximately 2.000 tons of CO2emissions from the actual event. We have decided to clean up and thus ensuring a support to the green transition.  

Herning2022 is proud to announce that the event takes responsibility of the CO2 emissions that come with the event through climate compensation credits.  

We work with the German company ‘First Climate’ and procured carbon credits from a gold standard wind project in Turkey – a windmill farm with a financial setup resting on selling the carbon credits that the renewable energy generates. Besides the climate impact the project also creates local jobs.

We are proud to announce the support of the following National Federations that have taken an active stance in this initiative.  

Herning2022 thank all the National Federations for being a part of this journey:

Fédération Equestre Internationale

Danish Equestrian Federation

Swedish Equestrian Federation

Spanish Equestrian Federation

United States Equestrian Federation

Belgian Equestrian Federation

Mexican Equestrian Federation

Israel Equestrian Federation

Swiss Equestrian Federation

German Equestrian Federation

British Equestrian Federation

Climate compensation partner

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