2,600 m2 press center is taking shape

Feb 17th 2022

There are many details that need to be discussed and considered when designing a press center for 1,100 press people. Placement of 500 workstations, the podium, and seats for 260 people for press conferences, access to refreshments and lounge areas are all part of it.


During the championships, the press gets 2,600 m2 of space and the design of the large press center must be both practical, but at the same time cozy. After all, we are in Denmark, where "coziness" is part of interior design.


Press accreditation is open, and the FEI continuously reviews and approves the applications that are submitted. Although there is still 6 months until the first rider enters the stadium, we encourage the press to apply for accreditation now, as we already see some quotas have been reached. To apply, click here!


In the meantime, we are putting the finishing touches on the design of press and photo vests. About 500 numbered vests must be produced - another testament that Herning2022 will be a big event.


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