900 volunteers together in Herning

Aug 04th 2022

A team of around 900 volunteers is gathered in Herning. Unreplaceable helpers, who all have a big part in making the ECCO FEI World Championships – Herning 2022 a reality. 3 volunteers tell us about how it is to be a part of the team, about their work assignments and about what they look forward to experience.

Katrine, Maria and Mie are a part of the command and control team. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen


The world’s biggest equestrian sports event in 2022 would not be possible without the volunteers, who have arrived in Herning. Henri’s Heroes, the name of the enthusiastic team of volunteers, has many different assignments, and you can see them everywhere on the show grounds.


Horse experts in command and control

Command and control are a team of experts in crisis management, rescue and situations which involves police, firemen and so on. In this team persons with horse knowledge are needed, and therefore the volunteers Katrine, Maria and Mie are a part of the team.

“It is an exciting assignment, and the experts are very great people to work with. They have the overview when police, rescue people etc is needed and we are the horse experts, and we will assist whenever it is needed”, says Maria Wessberg Jensen, who works as a rider on daily basis.

Henri’s Lounge, where the volunteers can relax through the days. Photo: Herning2022/Kim C. Lundin


A big experience

As a volunteer in Herning, you get the chance to see the World Championship event up close. Behind the scenes, every volunteer has an important assignment to fulfil.

“It is nice to be a part of creating something special. Among the volunteers, you see all kinds of people. You find horse people from all around the world as well as local people, who like to be a part of a big event in their immediate area. You find people of all ages and with different knowledge”, says Mie Lange, who has previously been a part of the volunteer team at the Danish Warmbloods Stallion Show.


Unique knowledge from Herning2022

Many of the volunteers in Herning have been volunteering before at other events, and that also applies to Katrine.

“I have volunteered at many different events, and when the opportunity to be a part of the World Championships in Denmark arrived, there was no doubt that I should be a part of it. I am dreaming of being a part of the volunteer team at the Olympics someday, maybe in Paris 2024, and therefore I think the World Championships is a unique opportunity to get valuable experience too.”

Katrine, Maria and Mie are looking forward to seeing some of the highlights in Stutteri Ask Stadium, which today is open for training for the dressage riders. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen


Sporting highlights

The volunteers are in Herning to be a part of the community and to work, but they will also have time for experiencing the sporting highlights through the days. And there are many things to look forward to.

“I will definitely see the team finals in jumping if possible, and then I look forward to seeing the goodbye ceremony with Cathrine Dufour’s Cassidy. I am also looking forward to getting the chance to see many of the foreign riders in action”, says Maria while Katrine says that she is looking forward to the para dressage:

“I am fascinated about the para dressage riders, and I would really like to see Tobias Thorning Jørgensen in action.”


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