All set for coffee...

Feb 17th 2022

We know that a lot of people enjoy a good cup of coffee, and therefore we are pleased that we have entered into an agreement with Peter Larsen Kaffe, who will deliver delicious coffee to the many participants and guests during the championships.

We are particularly pleased that Peter Larsen Kaffe, like Herning2022, is thinking in terms of sustainable solutions and circular transitions. It’s actually easy to make a difference when it comes to coffee. Both coffee grounds and leftovers are full of nourishment, which shouldn’t be wasted and that’s a message that Peter Larsen Kaffe is trying to make the new norm.

This is obviously something we’re taking into account as we prepare to serve coffee for 200,000 spectators, 1,100 press people, 700 riders and their grooms. We’ve found solutions for both coffee grounds, coffee cups and carefully considered the choice of certified coffee. For now, our marketing team has had fun designing the cups, so that part is in place too. We are all set for great coffee…


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