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Apr 13th 2021

Do you want to be one of our 1.200 volunteers during Herning2022?

You will get the opportunity to experience both the two- and four-legged stars as a volunteer during the World Championships at Herning2022. Help us create an unforgettable experience for the athletes and audience, and get the experience of a lifetime as a volunteer.  

The world elite will be gathered in Herning from August 6th – 14th during ECCO FEI World Championships, and in order for us to be able to create a successful event for athletes, horses and guests from the whole world, it will take motivated and enthusiastic volunteers. We expect up to 1.200 volunteers to solve the jobs at the venue, in the stables, on and off the arenas, at the camping site The Village, in VIP areas, in athletes and grooms restaurants, in the showoffice, press centre, by the shuttle service and much, much more. There are a lot of jobs to be done both at the three competition arenas; Stutteri Ask Stadium, BB Horse Arena and Jyske Bank Boxen as well as “behind the scenes”. Jobs of different kind, that will be essential in order to give the 1.000 horses and 200.000 guests a great experience when visiting Herning. 


Do you want to be a volunteer?

Our volunteers will be working in periods from August 1st – 14th. In that period the four equestrian disciplines dressage, jumping, para dressage and vaulting will be hosted at the venue. It is not required that volunteers work during the entire period, but the minimum is to work five days during the Championships - see more here.

You will be given a thorough instruction, work together with other enthusiastic volunteers and stay in our big camping area, in our Volunteer Camp, in the center of events. 

Does this sound like something you would like to experience? We would be very happy if you would fill out the application form on our website, in order for us to find the right job for you in the right period.  

You can sign up to be a volunteer HERE!


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