Competent forces gathered in Show Office

Aug 05th 2022

Riders, national federations, and other stakeholders associated with the ECCO FEI World Championships will properly visit the Show Office once or twice. Here they will meet at strong team, led by Malou Trabjerg, and they will solve possible issues through the event. 

From left: Monica Forrest, Lisette Berner, Helle Kristoffersen, Pia Pedersen og Malou Trabjerg. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 

Back in 2019 Denmark won the bidding round for holding the World Championships and a team of four persons from the organization behind Herning2022 sat together and started building the organization. One of these was Malou Trabjerg, who today is working as Head of Office at FEI World Championships in Herning.  


The standard must be set 

In the beginning it was important for the organisers to make all possible actions to secure as great an event as possible.  

“Vi decided that we want to set the standard for how a World Championships should be. Therefore, we chose to involve all the national federation doing the planning period. Therefore, we sometimes took contact to the federation if we were not sure how to do something, and then they could give us their take on the situation. In that way they got the opportunity to pe a part of making this huge event, says Malou, who is very happy about the team in the office. In the Show Office during Herning2022 four people is working as responsible for their own discipline together with a lot of other persons.  

“The team we got is working very well together. We have some super competent and experienced people as responsible for the disciplines. I can with complete peace of mind give all the sport technical stuff on to them, so my role here is to be problem solver and contact person to for example the national federations.” 

A part of the Show Office team inside Stutteri Ask Stadium. From left: Helle Kristoffersen, Lisette Berner, Pia Pedersen, Monica Forrest og Malou Trabjerg. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 

A huge setup  

Through more than two years the organisation has worked on building the event, and it culminates here doing the coming 10 days in Herning.  

“It has been crazy exciting to be a part of the team from the very beginning. It is kind of special that is suddenly build up to such a large event, and then in a short while it is all over. Many persons in the team leave us already in the ending of this month, while a few will work a bit longer before all of us is ready for new challenges.  

“I am not locked on something specific. I am excited to see what opportunities this brings to me. I have learned a lot in the progress I can use in the future, and that counts for everyone in the team. All has been a big part of the journey.” 


The four responsible for the disciplines in Show Office is Helle Kristoffersen for jumping, Lisette Berner for dressage, Monica Forrest for vaulting and Pia Pedersen for para dressage. It is among other these four who was the responsibility to make everything work out in the show office the coming 10 days. Through the event they will have contact to people from around 50 different countries.


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