Competitions started at BB Horse Arena

Aug 05th 2022

Today was the first day of competition at the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning, and it was BB Horse Arena which formed the scene for the first competitions at the event.  

BB Horse Arena is getting prepped for today’s 140 cm class. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 


Across the road from Stutteri Ask Stadium, the organisers of Herning2022 have built a completely new and temporary arena under the name BB Horse Arena. This stadium will set the frame for the World Championships in para dressage, and a large amount of international competition will be taking place here. 

Already today, on the first day of the competition, BB Horse Arena was fully inaugurated as both jumping and dressage horses sat foot on the surface.  

More than 30 competitions and championships-classes will take place during Herning2022 at BB Horse Arena. It is in this arena the medals in para dressage will be distributed.  

Follow the show's timetable, starting order and results at Longines Timing.  


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