Dressage partout tickets almost sold out – secure your first class experience now!

Apr 13th 2021

Want to experience the World Championships in Dressage (August 6th – 10th) from 1. class? You need to be quick - we only have 3 x dressage partout tickets left in the First Class category!!

Things have been going really quick since the ticket sales launched last week. We are super happy with all the support! But that also means that you have to be fast if you want to secure your partout ticket. We only have 3 x first class partout tickets and 12 x business class partout tickets left for the Dressage period, and that is all there will be! If you want day tickets to either business or first class, you should also react now. On August 10th we only have 9 x first class and 4 x business class tickets left. When you buy a business or first class ticket, you will get the best seats at Stutteri Ask Stadium.

The exclusive area will offer own entrance at Stutteri Ask Stadium as well as access to own toilets. For those who want a world class experience! If you buy a first class ticket you will also have access to a First Class Lounge outside Stutteri Ask Stadium, with food and drinks included during opening hours. An exclusive experience for those, who want to watch the world’s top riders from the best seats while having the possibility of enjoying the catering from the lounge outside. See more about the partout tickets right here!


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