Elisabeth Rask: ”Unbelievable to be here”

Aug 04th 2022

During the World Championships in Herning, it is not only the championship riders who get the chance to ride. There is also planned a lot of non-championship classes in both jumping and dressage. One of the jumping riders who looks forward to riding is Danish Elisabeth Salhøj Rask.

Elisabeth Salhøj Rask. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 


”It is huge and you can hardly imagine it. It is something you need to see, when such a big event is in Denmark, and the fact that I get the chance to ride her, is unbelievable”, says 23-years-old Elisabeth Salhøj Rask, who is living in Kjellerup, Central Jutland, only around 40 minutes from the venue. 


Looking forward to ride in BB Horse Arena 

With her in Herning Elisabeth have to horses, which she will compete with in the 2-star jumping classes. The classes will be in the BB Horse Arena.  

“I am looking forward to entering the arena tomorrow and I will participate in both the small and the big tour. It is also going to be amazing to see the championships, and I am really looking forward to seeing the jumping and experiencing the top riders in the warmup area and inside Stutteri Ask Stadium”, says Elisabeth and continues: 

“The big stadium is just so impressing, and I am sure it will be a unique scene to watch the riders compete in.” 

Elisabeth used today to get settle in the stable, train and go to the horse inspection. Here is one of her horses in the stable and a person from her team helping. Photo: Private 


A great team behind 

Daily Elisabeth study business economics at Aarhus BSS, but she uses a lot of time with her horses, and the work and development with the horses means a lot for the young Danish rider.  

“It is important for me to remember the way here. All I have learned and the things which has significance for me being here. The local riding school I am riding in, and the riding school I have been a part of earlier, has all been a part of my journey.” 

Elisabeth is training with the Danish trainer Jeff Paw Nielsen, and he is also here in Herning, because he is both riding, helping his students and working as a farrier for the organizer.  

“We have a really great team. The students and trainers are supporting each other. My family is a nice supporter too, and they make the experience much greater. I am hoping to do well, but my focus is not the results, but on the whole experience we get together", underlines Elisabeth.  


An incredible job 

The Danish showjumper underlines that she has a lot of respect for the team behind Herning2022.  

“It is nice to walk around the venue and see how it is built. It is very interesting to see it all, and I have so much respect for the organizers and the team behind Herning2022. The fact that they made this event possible here on Danish soil.“  


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