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EquiPark is the significant experience-, catering-, and exhibition area located in front of Stutteri Ask Stadium. Besides the world-class equestrian performances, the organisation behind Herning2022 have created a welcoming, exciting and fun event space for guests of all ages - to ensure the best possible experience when visiting the World Championship. 

EquiPark comes with a huge exhibition area, with whatever equestrians' heart's desire and a big catering area where you can sit and have a joyful time with your friends and family while enjoying refreshments and food and watching the live stream from Stutteri Ask Stadium or listen to live music. 

Herning2022's Kids Area consist of more than a 2,000- square meter area designed for our youngest guests. In the Kids Area, you find loads of exciting experiences from hobby horses, to clinics, to magicians and much more.

From the Zibrasport Equest Stage, there will be daily educational lectures, interesting clinics and many other exciting talks. When the championship classes end, you can enjoy and celebrate in the After Ride night club, where the championship party continues.

EquiPark is open every day from 8.00 am and shops from 10.00 am - get an overview of what the areas in EquiPark have to offer below.



Kids Area

Zibrasport Equest Stage


Night Club


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