Excellent fitness facilities for the athletes during Herning2022

May 12th 2022

It’s more and more common that athletes use fitness and strength training as part of their overall training and preparation. It helps with posture, balance and endurance. Something every equestrian will benefit from.

Fitness Engros official Fitness- and Training Equipment Supplier at Herning2022 

To accommodate the needs of the athletes participating at Herning2022 and ensure the best possible setup, we are pleased with our partnership with Fitness Engros. Fitness Engros will deliver a high-quality set-up dedicated to the approximately 200 m2 fitness area at the venue. 

The equipment for the fitness area is carefully selected by top athletes, among others, Olympic dressage riders Nanna Merrald and Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour together with her wife, showjumper Rasmine Laudrup-Dufour. Double PL gold medalist Tobias T. Jørgensen, and vaulter Amanda Staalsø also took a big part in picking out the equipment – to ensure athletes from all disciplines was represented in the decision of what the fitness area should contain. 

“Personally, I am super excited about the fact, that there will be fitness facilities at the World Championship in Herning. It encourages the athletes to stay in shape and move on days without competition – if the need and desire are there. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to do the usual workout, which benefits one's performance.” says Amanda Staalsø.   

For Amanda it’s not only to stay in shape because she will also use the fitness facilities available at Herning2022 to get her mind straight. “A workout in nice facilities is a great place to control your thoughts, find peace, and visualize what will take place in the arena. Even though this might not be the place to pressure yourself to the limit – it is a great opportunity to maintain the shape and tune in.”  

We look forward to a World Championship in excellent shape! 


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