Grooms – a ‘vital organ’ of the sport

May 28th 2021

Grooms – a ‘vital organ’ of the sport

A competent groom is essential for the top athlete who needs to know that their horses are being cared for and looked after.


The Groom’s work is visible to millions and can easily translate to added – or subtracted – zeroes on the value of a top horse. More than ever, the importance of a groom’s work is recognised and appreciated by the riders, horse owners and the public.


We know that the public care - that they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the horses and how the top horses are being cared for. How the grooms care for the horses can add a new dimension to the equestrian sport and provide greater understanding for the audience, regarding the care given to these horses.


The important work is carried out day after day, at home and at the showgrounds. That should also be reflected in good working conditions for the grooms at the showground. At ECCO FEI World Championships Herning - Denmark 2022 we understand and recognize the importance of the work carried out by the grooms and we plan to show how good working conditions; good food and a Groom’s Lounge Area, can help to ease their workload.


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