Herning2022 as 5* supporter for the International Groom Association

May 12th 2022

There is no doubt that a competent groom is essential for the top sport when the athletes need to be sure that their horses are being cared for and looked after. 

More than ever, the importance of a groom’s work is recognized and appreciated by the riders, horse owners and the public. This is why we at Herning2022 find it important to support the amazing work the grooms are doing and why we are pleased to be a 5* supporter of the International Groom Association.

We know that the public cares - they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the horses and how they are being cared for. How the grooms care for the horses can add a new dimension to equestrian sport. 

The important work is carried out day after day, at home and on the showgrounds.  

We believe this should also be reflected in good working conditions for the grooms at the showground, why we plan to give the grooms a nice place to relax and re-energize in the Grooms Lounge. It will be a dedicated area for all the grooms, where they will have access to food and refreshments throughout the day. 

Get exclusive insights into the grooms and rider's everyday in their everyday life, at equestrian events and much more, right here!
New profiles will be joining continuously until Herning2022.


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