Herning2022 presenting at the annual FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne

Apr 28th 2022

This week the annual FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne took place. The FEI Sports Forum provides an opportunity to discuss the future of equestrian sports and allows colleagues from the equestrian world to meet and share their experience with planning international equestrian events.

This year a key point at the FEI Sports Forum was the status of the FEI World Championships 2022, together with the Organizing Committee colleagues from Pratoni and Verona, Jens Trabjerg and Casper Cassøe presented the setup and status of Herning2022 in front of the audience of 275 equestrian colleagues. The setup was met with lots of positive feedback. 

We had the opportunity to meet many of our colleagues from FEI, who we have been working closely with since 2019. It was great to finally meet in person and talk to the marketing, digital team and more about the coming plans. 

The FEI Sports Forum also provided us with the opportunity to talk with the National Federations and get their input. Based on this we’re fine-tuning things and have a strong plan to implement in the coming months ahead of the World Championships. 


When will we know who will compete at Herning2022? 

The first important date to look for is July 4th which will mark the nominated entry date and give us an idea of who to expect at Herning2022. The definite entry date for the Championships is then set for July 25th. We look forward to seeing, who will be competing at the tracks in Herning in August.  

We participated at the FEI Sports Forum with our partner the Danish Equestrian Federation.  

From left Jakob Leth, Eva Helgstrand, Janni Therman, Anne-Mette Binder, Jens Trabjerg, Malou Trabjerg, Casper Cassøe and Ulf Helgstrand.  

Why Herning, you might think – check it out! 


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