Horse welfare a focal point at Herning2022

Apr 06th 2021

1.000 top sport horses from all over the world will gather for two weeks in August 2022 to participate in the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning, Denmark. Their welfare will of course be a top priority during the Championships, and a trinity consisting of Healty Horse, B&B Horse and Slangerupgaard will be an integral part of the welfare focus.

B&B Horse name the second arena at Herning2022. Pictured from left: Michael Buchardt Pedersen, Kim Mertz, Sandie Brenager Kjær, Casper Cassøe, Alex Buchardt Pedersen and Jens Trabjerg. Photo: Herning2022, photo is free of use​.



1.000 elite horses from all over the world will compete at ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 in Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Vaulting and these top horses must have the best conditions to perform optimally during the Championships. In the stable area a blacksmith and a veterinary clinic will be established, providing the best conditions for the horses to be looked after and checked by veterinarians on-site as well as having their horseshoes fixed. The welfare of the horses will not only be in focus at the stable area. The footing on which the horses perform during the competitions is extremely important for the horses' welfare and their performance. Therefore, the footing and underground at the three arenas will be built according to the latest technology.

Three fantastic arenas

The football stadium MCH Arena, named Stutteri Ask Stadium during the Championships, will host the World Championships in the disciplines Jumping and Dressage as well as the big gala show on Saturday night, August 13th.

BB Horse Arena, where both the Para Dressage Championships and international dressage- and jumping competitions will take place, will be established in the large area in front of the stadium. This stadium is located in the outside entertainment area called EquiPark, which will include the big exhibition area, ECCO Square, Zibrasport Equest stage, kids area and much more. In addition, Jyske Bank Boxen will host the World Championships in Vaulting.

Welfare from the footing

B&B Horse will be tasked with preparing the footing at the 40 x 80 meter BB Horse Arena in EquiPark. The company B&B Horse is located at Kildegaarden in Holbæk, Denmark and includes a stud farm, a wellness center and construction business. The BB Horse Arena will be built on the existing parking lot, and since there is a large level difference where the arena will be established, it requires a careful calculation and a substantial amount of skilled work to get the optimal ground under the footing, in order to give the horses the best conditions possible. Once B&B Horse has laid a good foundation under the arena in EquiPark, the actual footing layer will be prepared by another company.

The experienced project manager Kim Mertz from B&B Horse is responsible for preparing the ground under the BB Horse Arena. – A footing is not just a question of laying sand. It is important because it supports the horse's performance in the ring, Kim Mertz explains.

Welfare partners

The idyllic country house Kildegaarden is owned by Michael Buchardt Pedersen, and the place has a close collaboration with Slangerupgaard near Ringsted. Slangerupgaard, owned by Alex Buchardt Pedersen, is an atmospheric equestrian center with state-of-the-art facilities and a passionate, professional approach to giving horses and owners a safe experience on site. Kildegaarden and Slangerupgaard, is generated into a knowledge center for the development of horses from foal to competition horse. And that development is tied together by Sandie Brenager Kjær from Healthy Horse, who has many years of experience from stud farming and the use of treadmills, water treadmills etc. for training and rehabilitation of horses.

“- We maintain focus on horse welfare. Whether it is building riding arenas, the healthy young horse in the studs or the well-functioning competition horse. We utilize Sandie Brenager Kjær's knowledge to optimize training, rehabilitation and recovery, Kim Mertz explains. - We have a broad experience with rehabilitation of horses after various injuries, such as muscle and overload injuries, back problems and more. The aqua training can also be used for maintenance and cardio training and can be included as a good, varied training of the horse, explains Sandie Brenager Kjær from Healthy Horse, which is headquartered in the wellness center at Slangerupgaard.

During Herning2022 Sandie Brenager Kjær, as a representative of Slangerupgaard Official Welfare Partner, will have a talk at the stage at ECCO Square about the use of aqua training, and about the special knowledge shared between Healty Horse, Slangerupgaard and B&B Horse.


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