International press team ready to welcome 450 press workers

Aug 05th 2022

When around 450 press workers from all around the world doing the ECCO FEI World Championships meet in Herning, they will be met by the press team, which is ready to guide. Kelli Stickel has travelled all the way from the US to volunteer in the Press Centre.  

Some of the volunteers from the Press Centre. From left: Kelli, Edith, Annelie and Camilla. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 


Behind the counter in the Press Centre, you will meet many different nationalities, among other German, American and Swedish volunteers, who travelled to Denmark to volunteer at Herning2022. One of them is American Kelli, who is volunteering for the first time at a big equestrian event.  

“It is so much fun for me to work here with people from all around the world. Many of the other persons in the team already know some of the journalist and photographers, but it is the first time for me. It is a good opportunity to meet them and learn about their work”, Kelli says. 


A nice system 

The assignments in the Press Centre are many, but first and foremost it is about helping the press workers who arrives in Herning and attend the event during the days.  

“Daily I work in digital marketing and before I have worked as a volunteer at smaller national humanity events. I have no experience with this type of event, but it has been easy to navigate and the system here is very good. The communication in the team and the way to manage the assignments is just right”, Kelli says.  

Every time new press workers arrive; they will check in at the Press Centre. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 


Does not feel like a stranger  

Even though Kelli is coming from another part of the world, and she has been on a long flight to arrive in Denmark, she does not feel like a stranger at Herning2022.  

“Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. It is a very dynamic team, and although it was a long journey, it has been easy to settle in Denmark.” 


Besides Kelli the press team consists of a lot of other persons. All the volunteers in the team are ready to help behind the desk, in the mixed zone and so on. Meanwhile the organizers press workers makes interviews, press releases and likewise, so the medias all around the world gets information and news from the ECCO FEI World Championships in Herning.  


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