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Press accreditation opens for ECCO FEI World Championships Herning Denmark 2022 on 1st of November 2021.

To apply for press accreditation, complete the form below. Once submitted, you will receive an automatic response confirming receipt of your application. Media will be informed of the status of their application once reviewed.

Please note that the application below does not automatically guarantee media access.

For further information regarding press accreditation, please contact


Press Accreditation Guidelines

For eligibility for press accreditation for ECCO FEI World championships Herning Denmark 2022


1. The applicant MUST be part of the editorial team, or on an assignment for, a specific publication, broadcast media or news service, attending to specifically cover the event.


2. Only recognised editorial staff and photographers will be considered for accreditation and editorial evidence may be requested. Press accreditation must be completed prior to the show, before the deadline date. Please note that all other individuals are deemed visitors and cannot be granted press accreditation.


3. Only accredited photographers are permitted to take pictures at the show. Press accreditation alone does not allow photography.


1. Freelancers – All requests from freelancers (press and photographers) should be submitted in writing and signed by the editor confirming commissioned coverage of the event. Fill out the accreditation form and email the signed confirmation to

2. Websites – Only editorial staff from relevant websites may apply for accreditation. Websites using information and news linking from other sources will not be accredited.

3. General – The Organisers reserve the right to decline any application which does not meet the accreditation criteria.

4. Worktable at Stutteri Ask Stadium – a limited number of worktables will be available in Stutteri Ask Stadium (Dressage and Jumping). It will be possible to reserve a worktable in the arena for the duration of the Championships (100 euro fee) or for one discipline (50 euro fee). Reservation must be made in conjunction with the press accreditation application, and must be completed before 1 April 2022. Worktables will be allocated on a first come first served principle.



Applicants who have been granted accreditation will be sent detailed information on how and where to collect their passes at the show. Please be aware that applicants may also be asked to email a passport size head and shoulders photograph to the Press Office for their accreditation.

We are looking forward to welcoming representatives of the press to the ECCO FEI World Championship Herning Denmark 2022. These Championships will offer countless opportunities for all media to capture and be part of some of the greatest sporting moments and performances of equestrian sport.


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