Our approach & mindset

Herning2022 will create a new benchmark for sustainability at major sports events. That is our ambition, and it shapes the way we work, the choices we make, and how we engage with the world around us.  

Our approach is guided by a new mindset that sees sustainability as an opportunity and a driver of innovation and value creation.  

In our work with sustainability, we have created three principles that we use to create the new benchmark for sustainability, and all our sustainability initiatives match at least one of them: 

3 principles of sustainability 

1. Seek positive ripple effects
We might be a one-off event, but we have the size and opportunity to set new initiatives, ways of doing, and processes in motion.

2. Think circular
We will rent or borrow as much as possible instead of buying new. We will buy recycled solutions whenever possible and seek to ensure that products and materials are re-used after the event. 

3. Engage all suppliers in a dialogue on sustainability
We do not have the answers – we have the questions. Therefore, we engage all suppliers in a dialog around what they can do in terms of sustainable solutions. This approach also prevents defaulting to traditional solutions just because they are well known from previous events.


In the planning process, we have discussed many solutions and spotted various interesting opportunities. Many of them succeeded and you can read about them in this section. Others turned out to be important learnings despite the challenges of implementing them. The main reasons were either because of issues around delivery, quality, price, or standard sports requirements.  

As you can read in this section, a lot of things are set in motion, and we encourage future equestrian events to pick up where we end and create even more positive impact. 

Letter of Intent

We aim towards creating a World Championship with focus on sustainable solutions, knowing that events of this size and complexity can be challenged by sustainability goals.

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Set-up & Sport

As we're building up the venue, a variety of actions have been made including the judges huts, plants- and flowerdecorations, podiums and dressage fences.

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Green energy

With a big need for temporary toilet- and bathing facilities when building up guest areas, camping areas etc., the focus has been to rent the most environmentally friendly equipment possible.

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Each volunteer and accredited press will be given a reusable water bottle. There will be several water stations available for the public on the venue.

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Waste management

In an event of this size, waste sorting is a big case. Herning2022 has chosen to go through with waste sorting up to ten fragments.

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Merchandise & clothing

The merchandise and clothing provided by Herning2022 is based on sustainable materials and environmentally friendly merchandising solutions.

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Solution Square

Our ambition is to set a new benchmark for sustainability in large sports events like the World Championships.

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A growing legacy

The World Championship Forest will be the legacy of the organizers and their partners and provide long lasting inspiration that benefits animals, humans, and nature.

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NFs Supporting Climate Compensation

Herning2022 has invited all participating National Federations to join the battle towards climate change and support the climate compensation programme that Herning2022 has initiated together with First Climate.

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