The puzzle of transportation to Herning2022

Jun 09th 2022

With 200.000 guests, officials, riders and many more who need transportation, the set up for the World Championships has been quite a puzzle.  
For guests, the venue is easily accessible from Herning City. If you need to get to Herning, there are lots of options for train and bus routes nearby – find information to plan your journey here.  


To get from the station in Herning to the venue, there will be shuttle buses every 40 minutes during the day. The shuttle will start 60 minutes before the first class and the last departure will be 30 – 60 minutes after the last class. If you drive your own car or a rental car to the venue, there are free parking opportunities outside the venue.  


With Ejner Hessel as Official Driver / VIP Shuttle Service provider for Herning2022, we are thrilled to be able to offer first class shuttle service to our sponsors, partners and VIPs in 25 exclusive plugin hybrid cars. We have already received two Mercedes Herning2022 branded cars – keep an eye out, you might meet us! 


For riders, officials, vets and accredited participants, there will be a shuttle service provided from the hotels, with morning and evening departures. 

Sneak peek from when the Herning2022 Mercedes got wrapped. 

Rent a car 

If you wish to rent a car. We have made an exclusive discount for you together with our Official Car Rental Partner Europcar. Get more information right here.


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