Royal visit at Herning2022

Sep 28th 2021

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark

“It has truly been inspirational” Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte stated after the meeting at the World Championships Office in Løsning, DK. Her Royal Highness is patron for the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022. She was on an informal visit at the office from where the planning for the World Championships 2022 take place.

Her Royal Highness met with the organisers Jens Trabjerg, Casper Cassøe, and Kim Lundshøj, and she expressed excitement and told that she can barely wait for the championships to take place. She enjoyed the presentation by the organisers and emphasised how inspired she felt by the visit at the office.

“I expect to be present every day during the event because of the truly fascinating programme”, she stated.

The informal visit from the Princess gave her the opportunity to hear about some of the areas and projects that the employees are currently working on.

Jens Trabjerg, Casper Cassøe, and Kim Lundshøj took turns presenting the plans and preparations for the World Championships. Among other topics, they presented the entire venue map, the structure of the showground, and the location of the various elements including the three arenas: Stutteri Ask Stadium, BB Horse Arena, and Jyske Bank Boxen. The sustainability initiatives and the people behind the organisation were presented to the Princess as well.

HRH Princess Benedikte is especially interested in the Dressage discipline which she also showed great interest in at the visit. The Princess expressed great enthusiasm for being part of the big event on Danish soil.


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