Herning Denmark 2022

Judges huts

Nine judges’ huts are produced for the event and seeking contribution to benefit the local community as well as material choices. The building of the judges’ huts will be part of the students’ education project at the local technical college Herningsholm. The huts are produced of recycled materials from previous school projects, of which some or all will be made of FSC-certified wood. The wood/alu windows and doors with FSC-certified wood are from Rationel and the green roofs are from 'Buus Anlægspartner'.

Sedum roofs protect the roof’s membrane from UV light, which makes it last longer. In addition, the roofs absorb rainwater and evaporate it back into the atmosphere to not strain the sewer systems. Furthermore, they increase the biodiversity of cities providing the basis for insect life, and contribute to a lowered Urban heat effect, as they limit warm radiation from the roofs.

After the event all nine huts will be established at Danish riding schools or private equestrian centers. Other judge’s huts for the event are rented for the purpose which secures both a before- and after life.


Herningsholm Erhvervsskole:  
Rationel vinduer og døre :  
Buus Anlægsgartner: 

Plants- and flowerdecorations

In connection with the Championships we need plants, trees, and flowers to decorate the entire venue. These plants will be bought for the purpose focusing on how they can be reused after the event. A part of the plants will be planted in the Legacy area in the World Championships Wood after the event – this forest is established by Herning2022 All other plants will be donated to danish nursing homes after the event. 


'OM spring' delivers two beautifully designed podiums built from FSC-certified tree for the medal ceremonies and as a part of the decoration on the arena on the medal days,  

The podiums will be used for future events to minimize the need for building new podiums again.


O.M. Spring:

Dressage fences

We aim to incorporate the circular thinking as much as possible and this applies for the Dressage fences as well. Therefore, in all cases where it is possible, we aim to rent Dressage fences produced by PEFC-certified wood. In cases where there is a need for uniquely produced fences, we emphasize the choice of material with FSC- and PEFC-certified wood. These fences are reused in Danish riding clubs or private equestrian centers after the event.


O.M. Spring:


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