A smile means success – meet stable manager Patrick Borg

Aug 06th 2022

A French stable manager in Denmark with responsibility for the crème de la crème horses from all over the world is in charge at the ECCO FEI World Championships – Herning 2022.

Stable Manager Patrick Borg har decades of experience and is enjoying his first job in Denmark.  
Photo: Herning 2022/Kim Lundin 


He has worked for decades in the industry and is a professional stable manager for events. And an event can range from championship class to regular shows, French native Patrick Borg travels the globe with his team. With close to 300 championship horses, it is a job on a tight rope to make everyone happy. At the end of the day, it is the horses needs that decide what will be done. “We always make our decisions on what is best for the horses, and if we do it right it also puts a smile on people’s faces, that means we succeeded” says Patrick Borg. He describes his biggest challenge to be keeping all demands met within fair reasoning 


He has been working as a professional event stable manager for 20 years but started out in “showbiz” as early as a 14-year-old. Patrick Borg worked during the pandemic-stricken Olympics in Tokyo and really enjoys his first event in Denmark.  


“The job is not the same during a world championship as during a regular meeting, this is like the Olympics, even a bit bigger. On a regular show our point of contact are the grooms – here we work with the chef d’Equipe, chef de mission and the team leaders. And it is very different as they represent National Federations and look out for a whole team” explains Patrick Borg. 


In Herning Patrick and his team of five have a lot of help from the volunteers’, Henri’s Heroes. “It is impossible to arrange a show without volunteers’ and the ones we have here work very hard and that is so valuable to us. Without them the whole event stops” 


So how does he make good on so many demands and requests from the different national teams? 

“We get an actual plan from the OC, the organisers, telling us which nation goes into what stable. Often two to three nations share a stable and we do the plan of how to split the stalls and the space in each stable. How to place stallions, geldings, and mares so that it works well for all horses. We act as a sort of buffer between the different demands and try to make it good for the horses and fair for their people."


How does the venue here in Herning work out for you in relation to the care of the horses? 

“One thing that makes it easier for all is that the horses arrive by trucks, not airplane as in some cases. Here is also a lot of space, there is a lot of open areas for the horses to have some grass, the stalls are very big 3 *4 m. Also, the weather is very favourable for the horses, not too hot and not to cold.” 

There is lots of room and big stalls in the stable at Herning2022.  
Photo: Herning2022/Kim Lundin 


So far Patrick Borg really enjoys Herning2022, he has his most vital items packed with his precious computer and mobile and these communication devices virtually glow. 

“A normal day I get 120 emails or more, 200 messages easy, my phone is constantly blowing up, it is the story of my life,” says Patrick Borg with a huge warm smile on his face.  


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