Sophia Studd: ”Finally I get to ride on home soil”

Aug 06th 2022

Danish Sophia Studd has lived all her life in the US until recently where she moved to Switzerland to train under the top rider Steve Guerdat – in Herning she finally get to ride on Danish soil.

Sophia Studd in the entrance to BB Horse Arena. Photo: Herning2022/Annika Knudsen Lorentsen 


Many Danish riders is riding at the ECCO FEI World Championships event in Herning, but for one of them it is a very special experience. Sophia Studd is a Danish citizen, but she lived all her life in the US, where her parents are residents. In the spring, Sophia travelled to Switzerland with a couple of her horses and here she is training with Steve Guerdat, who is among the world’s best riders.  

“It is amazing to train with Steve. His place is amazing, and it is very inspiring to experience”, says Sophia. 


Amazing to ride in Herning 

The plan was that Sophia should have ridden in Denmark in the spring doing the Danish Championships event, but because of unlucky circumstances it was not possible, so Herning2022 is the first time Sophia is in Denmark with her horses.  

“It is great to be here with the other Danish riders and to experience to ride at such a big event on my national home soil. Finally, I get to ride on home soil, and I am really feeling at home here in Herning. I have two horses with me this weekend and maybe I will ride next week too”, Sophia explains.  

Sophia has brought along the horse Janus VB by Namelus-R, a horse she rides for Steve Guerdat, and her own Holsteins Matina by Party Dance (breeder: Family Holstein). The latter horse she placed 2nd with yesterday and today she placed 3rd. 

“Matina is amazing, and we are so ready to participate in the Grand Prix on Monday. It is nice to have her with me in Herning and she always doing all she can for me."


The now Swiss based Danish rider is not sure about her future, but she has thought about something.  

“At first, I stay in Europe until the end of the year, but after that it is not completely decided what I do. Maybe I will stay for the winter and next summer to hopefully get the chance to be a part of the Danish national team.” 

Sophia is 20 years old she will still be in the age group for Young Riders next year, and therefore she has the chance to be a part of the Danish national team for Young Riders.  


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