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Big enough to matter - small enough to care

When Denmark will be hosting the World Championships in four of the equestrian disciplines for the first time, sustainability is an important matter of course both before, during, and after the event in August 2022.

Despite the size, Denmark is known all over the world for being a frontrunner towards a green transition. Our vision is to set new standards on how to develop and execute big sporting events with a sustainable mindset as together we are big enough to matter – small enough to care.


Displaying sustainable opportunities to the world

70 participating countries, more than 200.000 guests, 1100 national and international accredited media and 200 million viewing audience, Denmark and the city of Herning is in the center of the world’s attention in august 2022. This attention will be used to show the world how Denmark, the World Championships, and our ambitious partners work within the sustainability area.

Likewise, our mindset goes far beyond the Danish borders as to why we wisely have chosen three of United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals as our international reference.

Sustainable Development Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy:
Increase energy efficiency through green and sustainable energy supply, herein water and wind supply.

Responsible Consumption and Production:
Ensure sustainable consumption and production with circular economy in mind.

Partnerships for the Goals:
Strengthen the means of partnerships between public- and privately-owned companies, to be realized through a committed corporation. 

Our thoughts

In all respects, we aim towards creating a World Championship with focus on sustainable solutions, knowing that events of this size and complexity can be challenged by sustainability goals. Therefore, our most crucial message is that if we all do just a little, together we do a lot.

Read our Letter of intent to suppliers right here!

Examples of initiatives with sustainable focus

Judgets Huts with circular thinking

Nine judges’ huts will be produced for the event and in this case we have looked into how the production can contribute to the local community. The judges’ huts will be an opportunity for students on the local technical college Herningsholm to work with an actual “client” as a part of their education. The huts are produced of recycled materials from previous school projects, of which some or all will be made of FSC certified wood. After the event all nine huts will be established at Danish riding schools or private equestrian centers. This circular way of thinking will minimize the need for wood and production of new huts over time.

Recycling footing Material in arenas 

The four disciplines take place on three newly constructed arenas in addition to several temporary warm up- and training facilities, which creates a massive need for footing material during the event. According to requirements, the footing material contains a combination of rubber mats and sand/fiber material, of which approximately half will be recycled footing from previous events. The other half of the footing will consist of rubber mats made from recycled PVC. In addition to that, all footing material from the event will be reused at future events and/or Danish riding schools or private equestrian centers.

Suppliers & partners will have attention to sustainable solutions

Another example on how we use the event to create long term positive changes, is our collaboration with the key suppliers. We demand sustainable solutions from our suppliers and partners in the attempt to get more sustainable products and solutions at our event as well as influencing them to think more sustainable. Focusing on our facility partner MCH Messecenter Herning, our positive collaboration has resulted in developing new ways of executing on significant areas as waste management, food choices, food waste and handling. Apart from the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022 these optimizations and new standards are expected to have a positive impact on future events held at MCH Messecenter Herning. 

A growing legacy

Our feet are firmly rooted in the Danish soil, and so will the legacy of the ECCO FEI World Championships Herning – Denmark 2022. In corporation with the Municipality of Herning, the World Championship Wood will be raised as a natural area to contribute to climate neutrality, biodiversity, social responsibility and co-production. The World Championship wood will be the legacy of the organizers and their partners and provide long lasting inspiration that benefits animals, humans, and nature.

Head of Office
Malou Trabjerg
Side Events Manager
Sofie Loft
Sustainability Coordinator
Clara Lier Koppelhus

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