A venue in transformation for Herning2022

Jun 23rd 2022

With less than 42 days to go, the excitement is growing and everyone at the Herning2022 office is working on sorting out the last details, before we soon start building up the venue.  

Some of the major tasks in the process of building up the venue is to make sure it provides our guests with a true championship atmosphere. That means we are wrapping everything in FEI purple with lots of championship worthy pictures.  

We expect to produce 10 kilometres of banner materials that will dress up the venue, with help from our partner Step Print Power. The 3 arenas and 8 warm-up arenas will be wrapped in banners with sponsor material and Herning2022 branding. In addition, we’re designing about 100 different types of signs – so you can easily find your way around, and accreditation badges for officials, riders, press, vets and many more. 11.000 badges to be exact. 

We are also working on dressing up Billund Airport and the host city Herning with a true Herning2022 atmosphere.  

Besides creating an inviting atmosphere, our focus is obviously on building up all the arenas. A total of 36,000 square meters of footage will be needed to cover the 3 main arenas and 8 warm-up arenas. The amount of footage used is equal to nothing less than 30 normal riding arenas with the measurement of 20 x 60 meters.  

Common for both our approach to footage and banners is the choice of material, which is recyclable or reusable – it’s part of our commitment to focus on sustainable solutions.  


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